Spatial Pixels
Outdoor scan of the Aachen Cathedral

For this partial outdoor scan of the Aachen Cathedral we collected

within one hour. Processing this simple data-set took only a few hours.

Aachen Cathedral

With friendly support of the Domverwaltung we scanned the Aachen Cathedral at night without the presence of visitors. In total we collected

We reconstructed over 100 light-sources, we we used in the final rendering to simulate a realistic, view-dependent illumination.


Together with the Gesellschaft für Internationale Burgenkunde, and with friendly support of the Fördervereins Kaiserpfalz Kaiserswerth e.V., as well as the City of Düsseldorf we created a 3D Model of the Kaiserpfalz in Kaiserswerth. Overall

were captured in less than 5 hours. Processing the data to get the final 3D model took less than 2 days. The sky was added to the scene later by our renderer.