Spatial Pixels
We generate photo-realistic 3D models for

➞ virtual and interactive exploration
➞ the generation of spectacular camera-flights
➞ the documentation and preservation of cultural heritage
➞ precise measurements


The new webpage of the Aachen Cathedral has been launched

The new webpage of the Aachen Cathedral has been launched. A central feature of this new web experience is an interactive virtual tour through a 3D model built from our scanning and processing pipeline. Web concept, technology, and implementation have been done by the Interactive Pioneers.

Jan 29, 2016

New projects

The preservation of cultural heritage was only one motivation to virtualize impressive buildings like the Aachen Cathedral or the Kaiserpfalz in Düsseldorf-Kaiserserth.

Jul 01, 2015

New Scan-Service available

With the start of this website we publish many interesting facts and videos about our efficient processing pipeline, our innovative visualization system and exciting applications.

May 01, 2015