Spatial Pixels
Get your own 3D model

We integrated our algorithms and tools into one software application which encompass all automatic optimization steps and we streamlined any user interaction (sometimes needed to remove objects or to mask unwanted image regions). As a result, the creation of fully textured 3D point clouds is highly efficient and most often only a matter of a few hours. Due to this time efficient workflow, our scanning technology is well suited to document and to virtualize cultural heritage, fabrication halls, construction sites, or private residences.

Spectacular Camera Flights

Our rendering system is equipped with an easy-to-use interface to quickly create spectacular camera flights through your 3D scene. Use this solution to create camera flights or perspectives which cannot be experienced by a real human observer. Use such videos to spice up the public presentation of the scanned scenery.

Illumination simulation

Since the specular highlights have been removed from the photos and our render system is able to handle virtual light sources to simulate realistic, view depending lighting conditions, we offer the possibility to change lighting parameters like the position and number of light sources or their color temperatures and intensities. Use this feature to experiment with completely new and interesting lighting conditions inside the scanned building and thus simulate the effect of a planned light installation in advance.

Perspectively correct Image Morphing

Besides getting an overall impression of the inside or outside of a building, it is sometimes important to feature tiny objects, like a small part of a mosaic. Our video editing tools offer the possibility to reconstruct the camera pose and its projective behavior from an arbitrary image. Using this feature we can easily adjust a video path such that it starts or ends at exactly the same perspective as shown by the given image. By seamlessly blending between photos and rendered sequences the observer gets a much better intuition, where an object is located within the building.


Use our technology to create a highly detailed point cloud representing an object or building of interest with a precision of a few millimeters. We offer solutions to perform distance, area and volume measurements, floor plan extraction and line of sight computation.

Panorama Videos

The advances in processing power combined with better video-codecs enable the production of high-resolution 4K and panorama videos. Today video platforms such as YouTube offer the possibility to watch panorama videos. In such videos the observer freely changes the viewing direction and thus is able to look around while the video is being played. Even more compelling are stereo panorama videos which combine dynamic and maximal field of view with proper depth perception. Use our render system to produce such panorama videos of a 3D scene. These can directly be uploaded to e.g. YouTube. Please note that your browser (e.g. Google-Chrome) needs to support panorama videos to be able to watch it on YouTube.

Interactive Exploration

Our software offers handy functionality to augment the 3D point cloud with meta-information. Add descriptions or links to additional photos to feature interesting objects. We offer a specialized viewer where a visitor can virtually move to different landmarks and learn more about interesting objects that they find there.